On February 7th, 2023 the Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC) sent Parents of Black Children (PoBC) a letter requesting to meet, expressing their concerns about how we advocate on behalf of our families and children. Despite the racially derogatory tone of their letter, PoBC agreed to meet with the OPC on March 27th, 2023 at 11:00 AM.

Once PoBC launched the Advocacy Framework and went public with the John Fisher Public School case, the OPC sent yet another letter on March 20th, 2023, filled with racial overtones and dog whistles, referring to ‘civility’, ‘dignity and ‘respect’ in how we conduct ourselves and our work. Still, PoBC was open to meeting with the OPC, in support of our Black families and children.

​​​​​​​On March 27th at 9:00 AM, two hours before our scheduled meeting, PoBC sent the OPC a letter in response to their two previous derogatory correspondences and in anticipation of our scheduled meeting. The OPC chose to cancel our meeting 54 minutes before it was due to begin.

The Following letters are the full correspondances between both organizations.