Footprints Floors Franchise

Footprints Floors represents everything that is right in the flooring installation and restoration industries. We provide a consultative estimate to our customers with no hard closes and a business model where Franchise Owners can start onboarding jobs the week after they finish training. With an initial investment as low as $65,500 and low overhead costs, there is a high potential for returns in a relatively short timeframe.

Unlike our competitors, we aren’t creating or selling a product directly to the customer. We don’t have a showroom, we don’t need any storage for materials, and we aren’t limited to any brands when completing a job. Our Franchise Owners coordinate directly with homeowners and then coordinate with expert subcontractors who have been hired to complete the job.

Why Franchise Owners Love Us

Low Investment & Quick Returns:
Our Franchise Owners do not have to build or lease a showroom. With much lower overheads than our competitors, our average investment range is between $65,500 – $91,600 for a single territory.

Outstanding Economics:
We aren’t restricted to selling certain products or suppliers. Due to our unique flooring franchise model, we can reach and service more customers than any of our competitors. System-wide our average revenues are $831,382 with our highest performing hitting $1,310,389!

Home Based & Minimal Employees:
We do not require any type of showroom. Our concept is home-based and Owners hire subcontractors to perform all jobs and oversee the business from a management standpoint. This means there is no rent, no build out, and no HR cost, making our overhead extremely low and margins very attractive.

Unmatched Backend Support:
Our Franchise Owners own their own business that is backed by the full support of a national corporate team, complete with a call center responsible for setting appointments tailored to each Franchise Owner's schedule, generating new leads, and much more.

Freedom and Flexibility:
Freedom & Flexibility: Our industry-disrupting model allows Franchise Owners the opportunity to create a healthy work-life balance while building a stable, prosperous business.

How Our Business Model Works

1. Acquiring Jobs - Customers request work through the Corporate Call Center where a person then refers the work to the Franchise Owner.

2. Confirming Jobs - The Franchise Owner confirms the job with the customers and collects a down payment. This confirmed work is then referred to the Franchise Owner’s Production Coordinator.

3. Completing Jobs - The Production Coordinator refers the already confirmed work to a group of professional, expert-trained Subcontractors. The Subcontracts then go to work to complete all of the confirmed work.

4. Confirming Completion - Once the Production Coordinator has confirmed that the necessary work has been completed, the Franchise Owner confirms the satisfaction with the customer and then collects the remainder of the balance.